Things we've been asked in the past.

Who are we?

nftlab is a US-based dApp development agency focused on providing exemplary service on your blockchain-based project from start to finish.

What do we do?

Our team of industry specialists will work with you to plan, build, create, and launch your own handmade NFT project. All we need is art.

Can you write me a custom smart contract?

Absolutely! Whether you're launching a collectibles project, 1 of 1 auction, the latest altcoin, or a free airdrop for your community, we can write a compliant smart contract to meet your needs.

Do you support projects on blockchains other than Ethereum?

Yes. Most EVM-based (solidity) blockchains are supported. Additionally, we are capable of launching to Solana and are testing more upcoming technologies every day.

Can you create a custom mint site for me?

Yes. We can develop a website based on a provided design and integrate it to connect with web3 applications using most modern wallets.

So you only do NFTs?

No! When we founded nftlab, we were primarily focused on NFT-related projects. As we grow, so too do the requirements of our clients. We also offer coin (ERC20 etc) development and escrow, to name a few. Just about anything can be extended to the blockchain.

Can you create the art for our project?

We're not the most artistic bunch - While we may be able to offer minimal technical assistance, you must supply your own art. P.S - we will algorithmically generate art!

Can you handle marketing for our project?

While we don't offer marketing services, we may have affiliates who can assist in meeting your needs.

How much will this cost me?

Each client is assessed on a per-project basis. We offer very attractive partnership terms with no up-front fees. As equity partners, we accept some of the risk and are therefore incentivized to do everything we can to see your project succeed.

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